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Integrated Management System

Management Commitment

The Company’s Top Management demonstrates commitment to Company’s mission, vision and policies and actively supports the Integrated Managemet System (IMS). It shall provide evidence of commitment to the development and implementation of the IMS and continually improving its effectiveness by:

  • Communicating the importance of meeting the customers’, the statutory, regulatory requirements within the Company and ensuring these requirements are understood.
  • Establishing and reviewing the Company’s Policies, objectives and targets.
  • Ensuring availability of resources: In order to ensure that Company’s Policies and the concept of safety and environmental excellence and continuous improvement is understood, we actively promoted through leadership and sound management practices and applied to all levels in the organization.
  • Management is committed to improve standards and will engage and promote the levels of awareness that such standards demand. Training is essential to achieve this.
  • All work is properly supervised, with safety and environment protection forming an integral part of all planning, and procedures/safeguards against all identified risks are established.
  • All incidents of a serious or potentially serious nature are investigated and recommendations communicated through line management. 
  • Ship/shore communication links are established to capture best practice and lessons learnt. Lessons learnt are communicated to the fleet and, when appropriate, to third parties and tracked to ensure close out. Best practices are actively promoted fleet wide.
  • Management engages active participation of all personnel in applying the IMS and will respond positively to recommendations for changes necessary to improve standards. Policy statement contains the high level but long term goals and aspirations, such as zero spills and zero incidents which are obtained through the following model for continuous improvement: 


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